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Are you an Owner Operator or you want to become an Owner Operator? If not, please do not schedule a call at this time.

If you are looking for Trucking Automation, please visit our website.

Do you currently have an active class A CDL license?
If not, please do not schedule a call at this time.

This program is for flatbed, step deck, & RGN -
are you willing to haul this type of freight?
If not, please do not schedule a call at this time.

Do you watch the full 18-minute video?
If not, go back and watch the full video before you schedule a call.

Do you have a road ready semi truck that's ready for work right now?
If not, we sometimes have trucks for lease.


Here's just a Few of the Trucking Businesses Cedrick Has Helped Become Successful


This is EXACTLY what you will get...
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*An Owner Operator is defined as an owner that drives themselves. This is a driver that owns his truck and drives it himself/herself.   If you ARE NOT an owner operator, please do not proceed. 

*This program is for CDL drivers that already have a truck.

*This program is for CDL drivers that want to have their own truck and be an owner operator. 

*This program is for someone who will attain their CDL license and wants us to help them get a truck after they get 1 year of verifiable driving experience. 



(1) “This program” DOES NOT cost any upfront money. IT’S FREE to start! 

(2) You must already have a road ready semi truck. 

(3) Sometimes we do have trucks available, credit DOES NOT matter, if you have $5K to $15K for your down payment you will be able to get a truck. 

(4) You must be able to be approved by our insurance company and have 1 year verifiable CDL driving experience and a good driving record/MVR. It can take 3 to 5 business days for approvals. 

(5) California drivers can not apply at this time, we do apologize. 

(6) SAP drivers can only apply if the violation has been at least 10 years old.

(7) We can help you change your life with our successful trucking blueprint program and funding program.  We have already helped A LOT of people's lives change over the years!

(8) THIS IS NOT TRUCKING AUTOMATION. If you are looking for Trucking Automation, that’s a different program that we offer.

(9) If you choose, we can help you get different types of business funding for your business, even if you have bad credit. If you do have bad credit, funding can take 4 months and possibly longer.

(10) We mentor & coach you 1 on 1 on how to get $10K to $250K “NO DOC” funding with interest as low as 0%. This part is not overnight.

(11) You will get funding, as long as you participate, follow and complete the program.

(12) We give you grants resources for your business. 

(13) Bad or Good credit, past bankruptcy OK.

(14) Quarterly IFTA & Annual IRP filing. 

(15) We help you save an estimated $1,000 and up each month in diesel fuel. 

(16) Get up to $.70 cents off at the pump. 

(17) Administrative, Payroll, State, Federal & Social Security taxes.

(18) Driver Qualification File (required by federal law)

(19) Driver MVR History (required by federal law)

(20) Driver Background Checks (required by federal law)

(21) Drug & Alcohol Program (required by federal law)

(22) 2290 Form (required by federal law)

(23) Live 1 on 1 daily mentoring & coaching when your business gets started taking loads. We teach you about the trucking Industry. 

(24) This program is designed to help from A to Z, so that you don't waste time and thousands of dollars. 

(25) We will provide loads for you every day, every week, every month.  You WILL NOT need ANY load boards. 

(26) You will be leased to one of our Trucking Operating Authorities that is several years old and in good standing.  You will never be turned down for a load due to the Authority age. 

(27) Great FMCSA safety scores for years

(28) Direct routes and lanes

(29) We have field sales representatives that go out and get contracts with manufacturers and shippers. 

(30) We offer CDL Protection for tickets, accidents, major collisions, CDL truck driver score protection, CSA Point & PSP score protection.

(31) Duns & Bradstreet help

(32) Weekly settlements and payouts, you will get a fuel card and settlement card.

(33) National tire discount program. 

(34) Bonuses for clean roadside inspections. 

(35) Prepass corporate discounts for weigh stations and tolls. 

(36) Drivers legal plan for tickets, accidents and CDL defense from a national law firm. 

(37) Trailer rentals from $190 per week. 

(38) Back Office Support

(39) NO down payment for insurance. $30 to $150 per week for $1 million liability, cargo and physical damage. You save a lot of money each month. 

(40) Owner Operators can make $2.5K to $4K per week gross profit.

(41) Health, Eye, Dental, Life and disability Insurance is available. 

(42) We help you build, grow and scale your company. 

(43) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You will own 100% of your company. You will have 100% control of your company. 

(44) We only charge 15% of each load.  You will receive 85%



Trailer rentals big discounts(save $1,000)

Insurance big discounts(save $1.5K to $2.5K per month)

Diesel discounts(save up to $.70 cents per gallon at pump)

Good load rates

Direct lanes and routes

$1 million liability, cargo and physical damage for weekly low prices




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Cedrick Leggett


Cedrick has been in the trucking industry for nearly two decades now, and has been building automated trucking companies since 2011.


Cedrick's journey in the trucking industry began with nothing more than a dream and an unwavering work ethic. Recognizing the power of partnership, he united with his brother, and together they purchased their first truck, laying the foundation of what would soon become an industry-leading business. Like many, Cedrick started from the bottom, proving that success in the trucking industry is achievable with determination and perseverance.

Over the years, his business flourished, growing from a single truck to a fleet of 20. His acumen for automation and strategic planning led to the establishment of a robust trucking company, consistently delivering top-tier services. Cedrick's journey is a testament to his dedication and command over the intricacies of the trucking industry.

However, Cedrick's journey didn't stop at running a successful business. Noticing the burgeoning need for guidance and mentorship in the industry, he decided to use his wealth of knowledge to help others. He established Cedrick Leggett Trucking Consulting, aiming to assist those eager to carve their own path in the trucking industry.

And in doing so, he noticed the opportunity for outside investors to help the rapidly growing trucking businesses and make a incredible ROI in the process - providing a winning scenario for both sides.

Today, Cedrick continues to inspire, mentor, and guide numerous individuals and businesses towards their own success stories.

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