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(1) THIS TRUCKING PROGRAM CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Please scroll down to see our prices after you have read this section. 

(2) Please only schedule a call with me if you are serious and ready to purchase our trucking program. I have a lot of people waiting to talk to me so that they can pay and get started and I have to keep my phone line open for people that are ready to start. This website is very detailed and answers most questions, if not all questions, please take a little time and read this website. If you still have questions, please send me a message on my Facebook business page at

(3) NO! THIS IS NOT A SCAM! (A) I do not have time to scam people! Everyone is not a scammer! (B) scamming is morally & legally wrong! If I scammed you, it would 100% GUARANTEED come back on me 10 times worst! (C) It's impossible for me to scam you because we only use PayPal & Stripe to accept payments and they both have BUYER PROTECTION, which protects you the buyer and your money. A scammer would NEVER give you information about BUYER PROTECTION from PayPal & Stripe. 

(4) Please only schedule a call if you are 100% sure that you will answer the phone when we call you. 

(5) We will send you email reminders of the phone call time, please check your spam box and/or junk mailbox shortly after you schedule the phone call.

(6) Before the call, please talk with your spouse, business partner or whoever you will need to get approval from or please have them on the phone when I call you. 

(7) Please watch the full 12-minute video above without any distractions.

(8) Please carefully read step 1 package below, please write down any questions for the phone call. 

(9) Please do not use a fake phone number or a fake email address.  If you do not want to provide the correct information, DO NOT schedule a phone call.

(10) Please be in a quiet area without distractions when we call you. Thank you.  

This is EXACTLY what you will get...literally NO ONE in the industry will give you so much value for this price

 (1) We can help you change your life with our successful trucking blueprint program and funding program.  We have already helped ALOT of people lives changed over the years!

(2) We offer complete AUTOMATED trucking services.  We will manage your driver & your trucking company while you continue to work your 9 to 5 job, or you can sit on the porch in your rocking chair and collect PASSIVE INCOME!

(3) We can help you start a trucking business without owning or having ANY equipment.

(4) We can help you get equipment to start your business or buy new equipment for your existing business, even if you have BAD CREDIT!  

(5) We will build your Business Credit up to A-1 status and you can get money, loans, capital, funding, etc. in your company name.  Live 1 on 1 Mentoring & Coaching Business Credit Builder Program. We are accessible through our 1-800 number.

(6) We write 10 different business grants for you. There is NO additional price for this.  It's all included in the price!  You DO NOT need "good credit" to get approved for grants and the money DOES NOT have to be paid back. 

(7) LLC, EIN, Operating Authority, MC & DOT number, BOC3 & UCR, Drug Program & Clearinghouse. 

(8) Quarterly IFTA & Annual IRP filing. IFTA & IRP initial filing available for a small fee. 

(9) Business Plan, Projections, Cash Flow Statements, Profit & Loss Statements, Market Analysis.

(10) Live 1 on 1 daily mentoring & coaching when your business gets started taking loads. We teach you about the trucking Industry.  Access to our entire trucking team for help & support. You can call us live.

(11) This program is for startup & existing trucking companies and any type of other business also.

(12) You can get funding via our business credit program, as long as you follow & complete the program. 

(13) This program is designed to help from A to Z, so that you don't waste time and thousands of dollars. 

(14) We will provide loads for you every day, every week, every month.  You WILL NOT need ANY load boards. 

(15) You can lease to one of our Operating Authorities in our network or we can set up your own Operating Authority for you. 

(16) We offer CDL Protection for tickets, accidents, major collisions, CDL truck driver score protection, CSA Point & PSP score protection.

(17) Duns & Bradstreet help

(18) Business Operating Agreement (you will need this for loans and to open a business bank account).

(19) Website - We will design & build you a website for your business.

(20) Logo, business card & letter head design.

(21) Factoring set up help.

(22) We will get you fuel cards (even if your credit is bad).

(23) We help you get the correct insurance policy so that you don't overpay for insurance. 

(24) FREE BONUS #1 Our Famous & Popular Online Course for Semi trucks & Box Trucks. People pay $1,000 for this but you get it FREE.

(25) FREE BONUS #2 Our Famous & Popular online Course for Hot Shot Trucking. People pay $1,000 for this but you get it FREE.

(26) FREE BONUS #4 We teach you how to dispatch semi-trucks, box trucks, dually trucks and hot shot trucks.

(27) FREE BONUS #5 We teach you how to dispatch for Auto Haulers & Car Haulers.

(28) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You will own 100% of your company.  You will have 100% of your revenue go to your bank account and NOT our bank accounts. You will have 100% control of your company. 

OPTION 1 - Make 1 payment of $7,995

This can be FINANCED with 4, 6, 9, or 12 monthly payments through Klarna or AfterPay if approved). Click link below to apply....


OPTION 2 - Make 3 payments of $2,995


Step 1a - We process all of your state & federal paperwork.

Step 1b - Start your online courses training

Step 2 - We start building your website

Step 3 - We start building your business credit

Step 4 - We start your business plan

Step 5 - We start your grants

Step 6 - Apply for business credit funding

Step 7 - Get your Equipment

Step 8 - Start taking loads

Step 9 - You will have your own personal representative for 1 on 1 mentoring & coaching.


Make $7K to $16K per week(depending on equipment, single & team drivers)

We provide loads for you! You DO NOT need load boards! 


REFUND & GUARANTEE POLICY - We are so confident in this program that, if you give us an opportunity to complete this program in a timely manner with you, we GUARANTEE to do everything that we list. IF we do not do everything that we list, we will issue you a full or partial refund!

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About Cedrick Leggett

Cedrick Leggett is an entrepreneur from Georgia who has a college degree in Business Information Technology from ABAC college and started three successful companies by the age of 35 while having to start over from negative.

Cedrick is a business consultant who helps companies profit wildly through a predictable consulting system. He has personally helped several clients make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

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