This Is EXACTLY How to Set Up Your Business in the $800 Billion Industry That Forbes Says Is Ripe for Explosive Growth and Massive Profits

Hi, my name is is Cedrick Leggett and over the next few minutes I will be showing you exactly how I launched my business in the $800 billion trucking industry, and how my business grew from nothing to buying me a beautiful house, putting my family in a better place financially and making me the sort of income that I could only dream about a few years ago... 

Most importantly, I will be sharing my MASTERPLAN with you:

I want to hand you my entire business strategy & also hold your hand as you launch your own business and get your own share in the $800B trucking industry.

This same masterplan that I am about to lay bare to you was what I shared with Cameron Fitzgerald a few years ago and has enabled him to launch his own Hot Shot Trucking Business, earn consistent 5 figures every week and also helped him to have a clear plan for the future in these uncertain times.

I also showed this life changing masterplan to these new entrepreneurs and helped them launch their businesses...


I can continue showing you the testimonials of these grateful individuals and how the masterplan that I shared with them have helped them to pay off their mortgages, send their children to college, live a higher quality life, have more family time, become accomplished business owners and so on… 

But hey, all those won’t help you to launch your own successful business.

The ONE THING that will help you launch your own successful and profitable business right now is to take action when I present this simple, yet powerful masterplan to you

And here is the plan…

I am going to train you to become the owner of a successful and profitable Hot Shot Trucking Business, even if you know nothing about trucks, you don’t know how to drive a truck, and you have never owned a business before! 

You might be wondering:

“But Cedrick, how is that even possible”

Well, it is possible!

And this is where it gets interesting for you, so pay closer attention:

In this past 3 years, I have shared this same masterplan to over a hundred people and this masterplan has produced explosive results for everyone that has embraced it and today might just be your lucky day.

Now, let me break it down for you…

This life changing masterplan is a two phased plan. 

Phase 1: I will train you to master the winning strategy that I use to ensure that my trucks are always in demand and always loaded to make me money in my new course titled:

How to Start
a Trucking Business(Semi, Hot Shot, Boxt Truck)

This training will be delivered to you in a 7-part, go at your own pace online course designed to help you launch your Hot Shot Trucking Business in the shortest possible time while making ZERO mistakes along the way

Because this is a go at your own pace course, if you have the time you can finish quicker - and if you have specific things you'd like to learn first, you can go straight to that section and start learning!

Phase 2: I will be available to provide support to you all the way until you master every aspect of your business. This will include live Q&A Sessions for help, support, & questions each week until you don’t need my guidance anymore.

Now, I want you to understand that I have made the Trucking Business course very easy to understand without any kind of confusing information, you should also know that I did not have this kind of opportunity that I am presenting to you when I launched my trucking business and nobody was available to guide me. It was left to me to figure things out and ensure that my business did not fail.

It took me a couple of years of trial and error, sweat, blood, tears and losing almost all of my capital before I eventually got it right in this business.

This is the reason why I created this course to provide actionable guidance that will give you only the right knowledge that you need to launch your business easily without any hassles.

Now, you might agree with me that launching a successful business does not come easier than having a winning strategy and also a reliable support system as you launch out and that is EXACTLY what we will be providing for you when you sign up.


In the course of the Trucking Business course, we will also teach you some intricacies in this business, like how to set up all of your administrative, documentation & paperwork such as your LLC, DOT & MC number, and all of the state & federal items.

We will also help you with the following:


-   We help you pick out the right equipment (truck, trailer, etc.). ($500)

-   We help you purchase the correct insurance. ($1500)

-   We give you resources, companies, people, etc. for financing your equipment. ($1500)

-   We help you with your business plan through the resources that we have. ($500)

-   We show you how to advertise for a driver. ($200)

-   We teach you about Safety Audits and D.O.T. inspection audits. ($500)

-   We teach you about loading & unloading. ($500)

-   We teach you about dispatching and how to be consistent with loads. ($500)

-   We teach you about the new trucking technology. ($500)

-   We teach you about ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices). ($500)

-   We teach you about financials and factoring. ($500)

-   We teach you how to cut out the middleman and get connected to Major Networks for loads. ($500)

-   We teach you how to dispatch for yourself or how to have someone else dispatch for you. ($500)

-   We teach you how to set up your own brokering company. ($500)

-   We teach you how to set up your own operating authority leasing company. ($500)

-   We teach you how to set up your equipment leasing company. ($500)

-   We teach you how to set up your own dispatching company. ($500)

-   We teach you how to keep a clean operating authority in order to stay in business and lower your insurance rates. ($500)

-   We teach about business best practices and SAFETY! ($1500)


All these for a combined value of $10,000

But here is the thing…

I have made the pricing of the Hot Shot Trucking Business course affordable enough for you so that you can set yourself on the path to become a successful and profitable business owner today, while earning a consistent 5 figure income every month!

So you will not have to pay the full value price of  $10,000 which would have been a fair price considering that this business can help you make this money back in 1 month


Not even $5,000 


Just a one-time investment of $398 or two easy payments of $248. 


 Plus we have payment options plans available to make getting started easy

So if you're ready to get started on your trucking business today, Schedule a call with Cedrick today to learn more!

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as you sign up for the Hot Shot Trucking Business course, I would like to put you at absolute ease and assure you that there is nothing to worry about…


I want you to know that your investment to sign up for the Hot Shot Trucking Business course comes with an unconditional, no questions asked, 100% money back, 7-day guarantee


All that is left for you is to make a one-time investment of $995.99 in yourself to gain a lifetime access to the course and access to my guidance.

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