We have generated a collective total of over $36 million dollars in revenue over the past years for our trucking clients.


We have dispatched, booked, & loaded over 12 million miles for our trucking clients over the past years.

RPM - $3.16

All of our dispatchers together has averaged $3.16 per mile, per load collectively over the past years.


Once you become part of our team, we teach, train, motive, empower you and show you how to INVEST in YOURSELF and how to make $1 million PROFIT with 1 semi-truck in 7 to 12 years, however, each situation will be different. We have a famous blueprint system that we use and 50% of our famous blueprint system is...us mentoring & coaching you and the other 50% is YOU doing the work! 


Once you become part of our team, we teach, train, motive, empower you and show you how to INVEST in YOURSELF and how you could retire at an early age from semi-trucking! Did you know that.....if you started your OWN trucking company at the age of 35, we could show you how to (1) become a millionaire/multi-millionaire (2) how to retire between 45 and 55.

What We Move


Hotshot Truck

Refrigerated Truck

Power only

Stepdeck Truck

Box Truck

Dry Van

We Offer:

  • Semi Trucks only
  • Customer service 
  • Dispatching 
  • Mentoring & Coaching 
  • Money management training
  • Investment opportunities
  • No upfront down payment is needed for insurance
  • Good Paying Rates
  • No Force Dispatch
  • No Fixed Contract/Agreement
  • Weekly Pay 
  • Must already have a semi-truck. If you don't have a truck, we can show you how to get a truck. 
  • Back Office Support
  • Administrative Support
  • IFTA Support
  • IRP Support
  • The business Credit Builder program
  • Business Plan for your business
  • Funding & Financing for your business
  • Same-Day Truck and Trailer Tag/Registration

Owner Operator Referral Bonus Program

Referrals are extra money in your pocket!

$2,000 Owner-Operator Referral Bonus

Refer a qualified Owner and you can receive a $2,000 referral bonus paid in the following increments:

  • $500 at 6 months
  • $500 at 1 year
  • $1,000 at 2 years

Fuel Discount Program

The discount program has the potential to save Owner Operators as much as $7,000 a year!


Discounted prices under this program are available only when fuel is purchased with an EFS card.

Health and Medical Benefits

Access to various insurance programs:

  • Health Insurance
  • Eye and Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Drivers Legal Plan

Drivers Legal Plan(DLP), designed by truck drivers in 1991, true National Law Firm, completely dedicated to CDL defense.

  • $2.98/week
  • $100 fee for tickets
  • $250 fee for a simple accident. The fee is paid to have a driver's Legal plan attorney defend you, start to finish, for any moving, non-moving or DOT violation.
  • Free consultation and assessment including effects on your CDL, CSA, and our law firm’s record in that court
  • 24/7 coverage in ANY vehicle that you drive.

PrePass Corporate Discounts

As an Owner Operator, you have access to the leading weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment network in the country.

  • PrePass for weigh stations only - $17.65/month
  • PrePass Plus for weigh stations & tolls -$24.15/month

Clean Roadside Payout Program

$300 Level 1 Clean Inspection

$200 Level 2 Clean Inspection 

$100 Level 3 Clean Inspection

  • Must be Level 1,2 & 3 inspections with no violations.
  • Must be turned in to the safety Department within 7 days of receipt. Payable via an e-Gift card within 21 days of receipt of the inspection report.

Trailer Rental

Trailers available for weekly rental *

  • Dry Van: $190
  • Flatbed: $300 or $250 + 2% Linehaul
  • Single Dropdeck: $325 or $275 + 2% Linehaul
  • Specialized available on a per-request basis.

National Tire Discount Program 

GWTM has negotiated discounts with:


Affordable weekly deductions are made directly from the Owner Operator’s settlement.

EFS Cards

EPS Fuel Card

Issued to all drivers

EFS Settlement Card

Issued to all payee with option for direct deposit.

SSN will be required

A background check may or may not need to be done. This DOES NOT mean that you won't qualify. Most people will still qualify.

  • Revenue Split - 75/25
  • Gross Profit - $2,500 to $4,000 per week.
  • Insurance $250 to $275 per week
  • Up to $.70 cents off at the diesel pump
  • We specialize in Semi flatbeds & step-decks.

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About Cedrick Leggett

Cedrick Leggett is an entrepreneur from Georgia who has a college degree in Business Information Technology from ABAC college and started three successful companies by the age of 35 while having to start over from negative. Cedrick is a business consultant who helps companies profit wildly through a predictable consulting system. He has personally helped several clients make thousands of dollars per month.

Cedrick’s clients are proven to make return on investements and become fast growing companies and he has a high referral rate. His clients are able to see all of their dreams come true.

About Cedrick Leggett Jr.

Cedrick Leggett, Jr. is a born entrepreneur. He has always been interested in the family business, and has a deeper understanding of the trucking industry than most experts twice his age.

He can run nearly any part of the business by himself and has been helping truckers build their business using the secrets of the family business for over 2 years now!

Cedrick specializes in dispatching for different kinds of commercial trucks, all of his clients see returns on their investments and they are now able to see their dreams come true!

Cedrick Leggett Jr.

Dispatching Supervisor

Call or Text - (912) 592 3886