Cedrick has been in the trucking industry for nearly two decades now, and has been building automated trucking companies since 2011.

Cedrick's journey in the trucking industry began with nothing more than a dream and an unwavering work ethic. Recognizing the power of partnership, he united with his brother, and together they purchased their first truck, laying the foundation of what would soon become an industry-leading business. Like many, Cedrick started from the bottom, proving that success in the trucking industry is achievable with determination and perseverance.

Over the years, his business flourished, growing from a single truck to a fleet of 20. His acumen for automation and strategic planning led to the establishment of a robust trucking company, consistently delivering top-tier services. Cedrick's journey is a testament to his dedication and command over the intricacies of the trucking industry.

However, Cedrick's journey didn't stop at running a successful business. Noticing the burgeoning need for guidance and mentorship in the industry, he decided to use his wealth of knowledge to help others. He established Cedrick Leggett Trucking Consulting, aiming to assist those eager to carve their own path in the trucking industry.

And in doing so, he noticed the opportunity for outside investors to help the rapidly growing trucking businesses and make a incredible ROI in the process - providing a winning scenario for both sides.

Today, Cedrick continues to inspire, mentor, and guide numerous individuals and businesses towards their own success stories.

The most important lesson I've learned in 20 years of Business


Is that if you want to get anywhere in this world: you need to "invest in yourself!"

Starting a business takes money, everyone knows that. But the thing that will make or break your business is what you know - and when you learn it.

Learning from someone who is where you want to go is like skipping all the mistakes you would have made and getting right to the best parts. The ones that matter.

My goal is to help you build true wealth. Generational wealth that you can pass on, both financially and in the business lessons you have mastered.

So if you truly want to grow something amazing, it all starts with investing in yourself!

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