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Ready To Own a 5 Figure Per Month Automated Trucking Business?  

The Greatest Passive Income Opportunity of the Next Decade Is In Trucking...

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We have dispatched, booked, & loaded over 12 million miles for our trucking clients over the past years.

Once you become part of our team, we teach, train, motive, empower you and show you how to INVEST in YOURSELF and how to make $1 million PROFIT with 1 semi-truck in 7 to 12 years, however, each situation will be different.

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About Cedrick Leggett

AKA The Trucking King

Cedrick Leggett is an entrepreneur from Georgia who has a college degree in Business Information Technology from ABAC college and started three successful companies by the age of 35.

Cedrick is a business consultant who helps companies profit wildly through a predictable consulting system. He has personally helped several clients make tens of thousands of dollars per month. To date, his clients have generated over 50 million dollars in revenue, and he's just getting started. 

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This is a 1 on 1 Trucking Mentoring & Coaching program. We help you with EVERYTHING.

We will build your Business Credit up to A-1 status - so you can get loans & financing in your company name - and NEVER have to rely on personal credit or funding.

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Here's just some of the perks we offer...

  1. Fuel Discount Program
  2. Health and Medical Benefits Discounts
  3. Owner Operator Referral Bonus Program
  4. And so much more!
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Ready To Start Your Own 5 Figure Per Month Automated Trucking Business?

The Greatest Passive Income Opportunity of the Next Decade Is In Trucking...

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If you're looking for the best investment vehicle or passive income opportunity of 2023 - I'm here to tell you it's in the Trucking industry.

With trucking on track to become a ten BILLION dollar industry in the next few years, this opportunity is fast growing - and recession proof. 

And this opportunity is as passive as it gets, once you set up the company - we manage it for you, and you enjoy your new stream of income. 

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